elemental space clearing®

Elemental Space Clearing®

    Elemental Space Clearing® creates balance, purification, harmony and healing not only for your home/office but all those who pass through its doors.

    Initial consultation (approx 1 hour):

    • In person on site in order to discuss your intended hopes and wishes and to decide upon the method of clearing;
    • Observe the natural environment and tap into energies of the space to be cleared;
    • Floor plan required (hand drawn is fine);
    • Questionnaire to be given and completed prior to day of clearing.

    Second consultation (approx 2 hours):

    • Home/office to be cleaned and clutter cleared by client prior to arrival;
    • Commencement of Space Clearing;
    • Debrief together with useful information on how to further enhance the energy of the space cleared;
    • Preservation essential oil spray gifted for future cleansing by client.

    Feel welcome to connect with me to find out more about how I may support you in having a home or office environment that is in balance that reflects the energy you wish to bring forward.