Red Lotus™

Since the dawn of time women have been the keepers of ancient wisdom.

Within each and every woman lies a soul that yearns to be alongside that of her sisters. To enable her heart space to fully open, to connect deeply and to share her stories, her joys, her fears and her dreams within. Women are created to be together, to support one another, to lift each other’s spirit and celebrate each other’s achievements.

In ancient times the magic of the divine feminine was able to flow easily and freely. A woman’s creative power sat in harmony with nature. In some indigenous cultures, this sacred tradition is still very much alive and it is a power that is now being revived and uniting women across the globe.

Here at Sacred Wellness I help provide the nourishment within sacred space to be a part of a special sisterhood within our community. Gatherings such as the “Sisterhood Circle” are circles that enable you as a woman to grow, to learn, to deepen your intuition, to re-discover yourself and flourish into the power of the sacred feminine and Goddess within.

Kerry and her teacher Denise Linn at Star Mountain Ranch, California.

A circle of sisters brings acceptance, kindness and celebrates the mystery and majesty of being alive.

You have the opportunity to participate in circle sharing, sacred ritual, ceremony, inner journey meditations, rites of passage and inhaling the beauty of life as a woman. You are given the space to remember who you are and reclaim your spiritual power, innate wisdom and inner radiance through activation of the divine feminine within.

There is so much magic that can occur when women gather together, connecting from the heart, filling their sacred cup, connecting to the cycles and rhythms of nature.

As a Red Lotus Practitioner™ I was blessed to spend time in Northern California under the wise teachings of Denise Linn at her Red Lotus Mystery School and to be able to bring home this re-awakened knowledge to share with the women who come my way. I was one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise Linn had chosen to personally train in her specialised methods of women’s studies.

Full Moon Ceremony, Red Lotus Mystery School

“Kerry is a remarkable and compassionate practitioner. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for activating the glorious woman within.”

Denise Linn International Red Lotus Women’s Mystery School

I love facilitating women’s circles, helping them to nurture, inspire and tap into their divine feminine, and it would be my absolute honour to assist you along your joyous path enabling your light to shine brighter than ever before. I invite you to connect with me to find out more about being a part of the Sisterhood Circles or attending scheduled Goddess Workshops. You may also refer to the Sacred Wellness facebook page for upcoming events.

Now more than ever the world needs sisterhood communities to enable women to shine their light and guide each other home.

“There is nothing so powerful as a woman who knows her worth and revels in the wild magic that glows within her.”

~ Denise Linn

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